Tips In Buying The Right Golf Balls

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Have you ever considered that choosing the right type of golf balls can work “magic” for your golfing abilities? Hopefully yes, because they actually can. There is an extensive range of balls available in the market today, and your choice should depend on your requirement and the task you want to accomplish. If you want to strike the ball and reach far distances off the tee while exerting minimal effort, then you will need a golf ball that can give you more control on the green. If you want to achieve a higher degree of accuracy over your shots, go for a ball that is soft and designed particularly to spin as this will help you accomplish that job easily.

It is essential to determine what task you want to achieve and learn what type of golf ball can help you complete it in order to begin the game with the right momentum.

With that in mind, below are a few tips to remember when shopping for the right golf ball.

1. Understand distance and control.

Balls that offer better distance on the drives respond quickly when hit by a golf club. Distance balls are typically hard and help players reach an extra 10-20 yards. However, these golf balls can be difficult to control on the course or when the circumstances call for a delicate shot. Another kind of golf ball is geared towards providing golfers with utmost control over their shots by minimizing the range of the ball’s spin after being hit. This kind of ball helps players tackle slices and hooks and create a better trajectory.

2. Choose a ball with the right spin.

From afar, all balls may appear to be spinning similarly, but they really aren’t. Balls can have low spin, mid spin or high spin, and each kind serves a particular purpose. A low spinning ball decreases the side spin of your shots, and this allows the ball to travel straighter in the air. The golf ball may not reach a great distance but it will have a better roll on the green upon landing due to the reduction of spin.

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Mid spinning golf balls provide solid distance and feel. These are suitable for a wide range of golfers, which makes them a popular type to produce among major manufacturers. Lastly, high spinning balls are designed to improve the spin of the ball as it travels through the air. More specifically, these balls increase the degree of the ball’s backspin and establish a longer carry. They also enhance the feel on and around the green, which in turn will help you have better control.

3. Learn the different constructions of golf balls.

Balls can be one-piece, two-piece, three-piece or four-piece. Recent innovations even made way for five-piece balls which have truly revolutionized the world of golf. One-piece balls are commonly used by beginners, and occasionally on driving ranges. They have a softer feel when they’re hit but aren’t typically used as playing balls due to their lack of distance.

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Two-piece balls are highly popular among most players. These balls have a firmer feel and offer better shot distance. However, they are harder to control compared to balls with a soft feel. Three-piece balls give advanced players more control over the ball placement. Among all common types of balls, three-piece balls offer the most control and feel. Last, the four-piece balls exhibit similar features as the three-piece balls, only they provide more enhanced control and feel. These balls, however, are uncommon among golfers.

4. Find the best source of high quality golf equipment.

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If you’re shopping for golf balls or other golf equipment, always make sure to get them from a reliable source. are providing the different types of golf equipment.