Caring for Garments and Items with Iron on Patches

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Iron on patches are fun and versatile. These patches come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors. There are ready-made ones and there are customized patches, too. All these patches can be placed on garments, hats, bags, fabric accessories, handkerchiefs and a whole lot more fabric items. Patches are usually embroidered and come with a special backing that makes it adhere to the fabrics.

Iron on Patches

How Patches are Placed on Fabric

Special Iron on patches are transferred to the fabric using heat from a flat iron. Attaching these patches to clothes and fabric item is quick and easy. Simply remove the adhesive backing on the patch, place it on the fabric, cover with a light cloth and run the iron through it.

Be careful to press down the iron properly to ensure that the embroidered patch is completely transferred to the fabric. After 30 seconds or so (depending on the fabric type used), remove the iron and the light cloth above it, and find the patch attached securely on the fabric. Amazingly easy-peasy, right?

Custom Patches

Tips for Garments and Items with Iron on Patches

Once Iron on patches have been attached correctly on a fabric item, they stays there completely and ware not likely to fade or be peeled off. The patch becomes a permanent part of the fabric itself. But of course, though the patches are durable, it is better to be safe in cleaning them. Here are helpful tips on cleaning items with patches on them:

Separate Patched Items from Other Laundry.
Wash patched clothes and items separately from other laundry. Do it most especially when the garments or items have many patches  or if the patches are fresh from ironing.

Hand Wash as much as Possible.

It’s best to wash garments and items with Iron on patches by hand. Doing so will ensure that the items are washed gently. Though the attached patches will not be removed while on water, it’s a sensible decision to wash them by hand to prevent early damage to the patch and garment itself.

Turn Garments and Items inside out during Machine Washing.

If hand washing is not feasible, go ahead and machine wash the garments. Just be sure that they are turned inside out before placing them inside the washing machine. Since the water pressure inside a washing machine is strong, there is always a risk that even the strongest Iron on patches may be accidentally removed.

The risk is magnified when the garments aren’t turned on its wrong side. The patches might accidentally get caught inside the movable washing machine parts and may compromise its durability.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Use a Mild Laundry Cleanser.

Forget the harsh soaps and bleaches when washing items with patches. Use mild laundry detergents to wash them instead. Harsh soaps irritate the fibers of the embroidered iron on patches and can cause brittleness and possible thread damage. It may not be noticeable in the first wash, but repeated usage of harsh soaps may cause long-term damage to the patches.

Also, avoid bleaches at all costs. Bleaches may ruin the color of the patches and can ultimately result to early color fading. Using mild laundry soaps eliminates the dirt and grime while keeping patches’ color vibrant. Mild soaps also keep the strength of the patches intact.

Press Patched Clothes and Items Carefully.

Always exercise care in pressing laundered patched garments, like we would normally do for normal clothes. Being consciously careful during ironing prevents accidental burns to the clothes and patches themselves. Too much ironing on the patches may contribute to color fading in the long run. So, iron with care and keep the garments and patches looking their best.

Customized Patches for All our Needs

Now that you know some tips on keeping patches clean and vibrant, one more thing to consider is choosing a reputable patch maker that can supply you with lovely and durable customized patches.

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