What are Custom Military Coins for?

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Custom military coins are also called custom challenge coins. They were originated in World War I. The initial function of these coins is to denote identity among the different military units. The first to use challenge coins was an American squadron. The wealthy lieutenant of the said squadron brought coins for all the members of his unit. One member placed his on a small pouch that he attached in a lanyard. He wore the lanyard around his neck.

The day after that, his aircraft was badly damaged by ground fire so he was force to land in the area of his enemy.The American soldier was captured and was about to be killed. Lucky for him, a commotion occurred which became his chance to flee. He reached the French ground and was captured again because the French did not recognize his American accent. They were already planning to execute him when he presented his coin to them. One of the French recognized the coin and so instead of killing the American soldier, they gave him a drink.

Military Coins

When the entire unit learned the story of the American, the lieutenant required all of them to carry their coin at all times and at all circumstances. The coin, later on, became known as challenge coins because of a game that the soldiers had invented. A challenger will come to another member of the unit, and then he will ask the challenged to present his coin. If the challenged was able to do so, the challenger has to buy him a drink. If the challenged was not able to do so, he has to buy his entire unit a drink.

During those times military coins were strictly used by the soldiers. Today, anyone can now have their own custom military coins. You can choose either those which were used years ago in historical wars or the new ones which are ready for customizations. We have both at a reasonable price.

Our challenge coins are of excellent quality. They have striking hues, designs, and textures. They are for any function including the following.

Military Coins as Historical Display

Custom CoinsSome museums that feature historical artifacts have antic medallions or coins displayed on glass containers. If you ask the museum’s facilitator, you would learn that those coins carry rich history just like the first custom military coins in the story above.You can own one of these historical coins too. Feel free to browse our gallery to find one that catch you interest. We also have different containers that would elegantly present your coin to your guests. You can place it on your living room. It will then become a great conversation starter.

If in case you want your coin to speak about you rather than about what happened in the past, we can help you create a design. Your custom coin can have a unique shape and cut as well.

Military Coins as Medals

One of the most common functions of military coins is to be a form of recognition. This is applied in military. Soldiers who have accomplished a challenging task will be able to get one. A member of a unit who was outstanding will also be given a coin. Military coins boost these soldiers’ morale and inspire them to perform even better. It is also applied in schools and other institutes.

If you are organizing a competition, a custom coin will be a great award for your winners. We can engrave or emboss the title of your competition together with the title of the award on both sides of the custom coin.

Custom Coins in Marketing

If you are looking for a different marketing material, look no more. We have affordable custom military coins that you can use on your marketing campaigns. Boost your sale with custom coins containing your brand name and logo. Your target market will surely love these unique items.

Our design team is much willing to help you come up with the best marketing symbol to help your business. We could go from simple to intricate.

Our design team is much willing to help you come up with the best marketing symbol to help your business. If you are looking for a different marketing material, look no more to challengecoins4less.com.