The Pros And Cons Of Storage Container Homes

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Cargotecture, the art of building homes using steel containers, is a trend that has been growing in popularity for the past several years. A storage container may look like just a box made of steel that is used to transport huge cargo and raw materials between distant places, but don’t let its appearance fool you – beyond this simplicity lies the effectiveness and charm of shipping container homes.

Why is the use of shipping containers so popular in the real estate industry? Let us take a look at some of the most common advantages:

Eco-Friendly.  Due to the rise in the number of shipping containers in the past several years, transport companies sought for ways to get rid of their used shipping containers. That’s when architects had the idea to recycle these containers and turn them into convenient foundations for homes and offices. Storage container homes have durable steel reinforcements that are self-sufficient, therefore reducing the costs of raw materials used in the foundation like bricks and cement.

shipping container

Modular.  Containers have a standard size, meaning most shipping containers will have the same width and either of the two standard length and height measurements, allowing them to be used as modules that can be combined in a number of creative ways. One of the most common uses for shipping containers is as a temporary office for construction sites, where one or two shipping containers will be placed “as is” without much thought on the aesthetics.

Meanwhile,  the concept of shipping container homes is creating more and more variations with regards to the position and placement of the containers, the structure to be implemented, and the theme of the design. Houses could be composed of any number of shipping containers, which already provide the divisions for the different rooms, and due to the minimalistic nature of the shipping containers, the home maker’s imagination is truly the limit.

Affordable.  Because shipping containers are in such a state of surplus nowadays, major transport companies sell them at a usually low price for as little as USD1,200 per piece. The amount of construction materials to be used are also reduced because of the shipping container’s innate strength and durability.

Durable.  A storage container is made up of metals that are naturally hard and durable to prevent precious cargo from being damaged during long trips. That’s why shipping containers are more than ideal as a construction material. The metal framework can hold itself as well as be able to support multiple shipping containers stacked on top of the other.

While building shipping container homes is definitely a good idea in today’s world, there are still a few factors to take care of when opting for a home made up of smaller pieces of boxes:

Insulation.  Most storage container homes require the installation of an insulation system. This is because metals such as steel conduct heat very well. Shipping container homes that are not insulated may be susceptible to damage due to extreme weathers, and people living in an uninsulated shipping container home could have an unpleasant experience. To solve this issue, architects add an extra lining to the interior or exterior walls using materials that provide better insulation to the house.

storage containersConstruction and transport.  Another major difference from building a house brick by brick is the need for a construction crane in order to move and place the shipping containers in the proper position according to the floor plan. Clients should also consider the distance from the transport company to the construction site in order to save on expenses. However, this factor is justified by the reduced cost in materials used in construction such as cement, bricks, etc.

Trends come and go, but storage container housing may be one of the construction methods that are here to stay. Having a home made up of boxes of steel may seem untraditional, but not only will it help declutter the earth, but also offer another sustainable and creative method of construction.

14 Things You Need To Know About Printed Circuit Boards

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Do you know what a printed circuit board is? Have you ever seen one? A printed circuit board is inside a gadget or an electronic device. You won’t be able to see it unless you actually open the device.

They are an amazing part of a device. Without it, the gadget will never work. It’s like the brain of an electronic device.

Here are some things you need to know about printed circuit boards.


1. This is an obvious fact, but to those who do not have an idea what printed circuit boards need to know that boards are usually colored green. The solder mask gives it the green color. PCBs are found in different electronic devices such as radios, computers, radars, etc.
PCB2. They are designed differently, depending how they are used for. CAD or Computer Aided Design is the computer program used to design a printed circuit board. People who make a printed circuit board sometimes do not use the computer program as there are manufacturers who are giving away their PCBs for free.

3. Manufacturers need to be extra careful with the boards especially in manufacturing them. The environment needs to be clean and dust- free. A dirty environment could actually contaminate the printed circuit board.

PCB4. Manufacturers are strict when they do quality control for a printed circuit board. PCBs undergo many quality control tests before they are out in the market for sale. Some of them would even go through environmental tests to ensure that the printed board would really work. If they find just a single fault in it, they always take it out. Once quality control is done, PCBs are then tested whether they function or not.

5. The size of the printed circuit board would always depend on the size of the electronic equipment. Bigger devices contain bigger PCBs too. Small electronics have smaller PCBs.

6. Some equipment also contain layers of boards.

Complicated designs have multi-layer PCBs. Don’t get too caught up on the design on a printed circuit board. You will really be confused if you’re not too techy.

7. There are guidelines that you need to follow when creating a printed circuit board. If you’re making complicated layers, check with the manufacturers before submitting your own design. Circuit boards with complex designs usually have different guidelines.

8. Manufacturing printed circuit boards take a lot of time. If you’re thinking about making one, go for a low-cost printed circuit board.

9. Some circuit board designs are free. The only downside is you will not be able to modify it. Nope, you can’t place layers on the printed circuit board unless you ask permission from the manufacturer. To be on the safe side, always ask permission for modification if the design isn’t yours.

10. One important thing to note about printed circuit boards: complicated devices like computers have multi- layer PCBs. They will not run on a single-layered PCB.

11. A device, depending on how complicated it is, can have up to 12 PCB layers.

12. There are three types of PCBs: First would be the single- sided PCBs. Simple devices have this design. It is also easy to manufacture, and it’s not pricey. The next type is the double- sided. The design are for devices that aren’t too complex. The last type is the multi- layered PCBs. Computers usually have this design.

13. Two technologies are used in manufacturing a printed circuit board. First is the Through Hole Technology. This is the older version. The newer one is the Surface Mount Technology. Manufacturers still use both technology these days.

14. High quality electronics contain the FR4. The board becomes thicker if they use the FR4. Low-end electronics do not use this because it’s a little expensive. There are less expensive materials like phenolics that they can use, but they’re not really that durable compared to the FR4.

PCBs are an amazing invention. Without it, we won’t be able to enjoy our gadgets. While they may seem sufficient for modern-day applications though, rest assured that they’re continuously evolving.

What are Custom Military Coins for?

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Custom military coins are also called custom challenge coins. They were originated in World War I. The initial function of these coins is to denote identity among the different military units. The first to use challenge coins was an American squadron. The wealthy lieutenant of the said squadron brought coins for all the members of his unit. One member placed his on a small pouch that he attached in a lanyard. He wore the lanyard around his neck.

The day after that, his aircraft was badly damaged by ground fire so he was force to land in the area of his enemy.The American soldier was captured and was about to be killed. Lucky for him, a commotion occurred which became his chance to flee. He reached the French ground and was captured again because the French did not recognize his American accent. They were already planning to execute him when he presented his coin to them. One of the French recognized the coin and so instead of killing the American soldier, they gave him a drink.

Military Coins

When the entire unit learned the story of the American, the lieutenant required all of them to carry their coin at all times and at all circumstances. The coin, later on, became known as challenge coins because of a game that the soldiers had invented. A challenger will come to another member of the unit, and then he will ask the challenged to present his coin. If the challenged was able to do so, the challenger has to buy him a drink. If the challenged was not able to do so, he has to buy his entire unit a drink.

During those times military coins were strictly used by the soldiers. Today, anyone can now have their own custom military coins. You can choose either those which were used years ago in historical wars or the new ones which are ready for customizations. We have both at a reasonable price.

Our challenge coins are of excellent quality. They have striking hues, designs, and textures. They are for any function including the following.

Military Coins as Historical Display

Custom CoinsSome museums that feature historical artifacts have antic medallions or coins displayed on glass containers. If you ask the museum’s facilitator, you would learn that those coins carry rich history just like the first custom military coins in the story above.You can own one of these historical coins too. Feel free to browse our gallery to find one that catch you interest. We also have different containers that would elegantly present your coin to your guests. You can place it on your living room. It will then become a great conversation starter.

If in case you want your coin to speak about you rather than about what happened in the past, we can help you create a design. Your custom coin can have a unique shape and cut as well.

Military Coins as Medals

One of the most common functions of military coins is to be a form of recognition. This is applied in military. Soldiers who have accomplished a challenging task will be able to get one. A member of a unit who was outstanding will also be given a coin. Military coins boost these soldiers’ morale and inspire them to perform even better. It is also applied in schools and other institutes.

If you are organizing a competition, a custom coin will be a great award for your winners. We can engrave or emboss the title of your competition together with the title of the award on both sides of the custom coin.

Custom Coins in Marketing

If you are looking for a different marketing material, look no more. We have affordable custom military coins that you can use on your marketing campaigns. Boost your sale with custom coins containing your brand name and logo. Your target market will surely love these unique items.

Our design team is much willing to help you come up with the best marketing symbol to help your business. We could go from simple to intricate.

Our design team is much willing to help you come up with the best marketing symbol to help your business. If you are looking for a different marketing material, look no more to

Caring for Garments and Items with Iron on Patches

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Iron on patches are fun and versatile. These patches come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors. There are ready-made ones and there are customized patches, too. All these patches can be placed on garments, hats, bags, fabric accessories, handkerchiefs and a whole lot more fabric items. Patches are usually embroidered and come with a special backing that makes it adhere to the fabrics.

Iron on Patches

How Patches are Placed on Fabric

Special Iron on patches are transferred to the fabric using heat from a flat iron. Attaching these patches to clothes and fabric item is quick and easy. Simply remove the adhesive backing on the patch, place it on the fabric, cover with a light cloth and run the iron through it.

Be careful to press down the iron properly to ensure that the embroidered patch is completely transferred to the fabric. After 30 seconds or so (depending on the fabric type used), remove the iron and the light cloth above it, and find the patch attached securely on the fabric. Amazingly easy-peasy, right?

Custom Patches

Tips for Garments and Items with Iron on Patches

Once Iron on patches have been attached correctly on a fabric item, they stays there completely and ware not likely to fade or be peeled off. The patch becomes a permanent part of the fabric itself. But of course, though the patches are durable, it is better to be safe in cleaning them. Here are helpful tips on cleaning items with patches on them:

Separate Patched Items from Other Laundry.
Wash patched clothes and items separately from other laundry. Do it most especially when the garments or items have many patches  or if the patches are fresh from ironing.

Hand Wash as much as Possible.

It’s best to wash garments and items with Iron on patches by hand. Doing so will ensure that the items are washed gently. Though the attached patches will not be removed while on water, it’s a sensible decision to wash them by hand to prevent early damage to the patch and garment itself.

Turn Garments and Items inside out during Machine Washing.

If hand washing is not feasible, go ahead and machine wash the garments. Just be sure that they are turned inside out before placing them inside the washing machine. Since the water pressure inside a washing machine is strong, there is always a risk that even the strongest Iron on patches may be accidentally removed.

The risk is magnified when the garments aren’t turned on its wrong side. The patches might accidentally get caught inside the movable washing machine parts and may compromise its durability.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Use a Mild Laundry Cleanser.

Forget the harsh soaps and bleaches when washing items with patches. Use mild laundry detergents to wash them instead. Harsh soaps irritate the fibers of the embroidered iron on patches and can cause brittleness and possible thread damage. It may not be noticeable in the first wash, but repeated usage of harsh soaps may cause long-term damage to the patches.

Also, avoid bleaches at all costs. Bleaches may ruin the color of the patches and can ultimately result to early color fading. Using mild laundry soaps eliminates the dirt and grime while keeping patches’ color vibrant. Mild soaps also keep the strength of the patches intact.

Press Patched Clothes and Items Carefully.

Always exercise care in pressing laundered patched garments, like we would normally do for normal clothes. Being consciously careful during ironing prevents accidental burns to the clothes and patches themselves. Too much ironing on the patches may contribute to color fading in the long run. So, iron with care and keep the garments and patches looking their best.

Customized Patches for All our Needs

Now that you know some tips on keeping patches clean and vibrant, one more thing to consider is choosing a reputable patch maker that can supply you with lovely and durable customized patches.

Here at Patches 4 Less, we create beautiful patches with excellent durability and amazing quality. We make great patches that require minimal efforts in cleaning and maintenance. Get the best patches only from Patches 4 Less now!

Tips In Buying The Right Golf Balls

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Have you ever considered that choosing the right type of golf balls can work “magic” for your golfing abilities? Hopefully yes, because they actually can. There is an extensive range of balls available in the market today, and your choice should depend on your requirement and the task you want to accomplish. If you want to strike the ball and reach far distances off the tee while exerting minimal effort, then you will need a golf ball that can give you more control on the green. If you want to achieve a higher degree of accuracy over your shots, go for a ball that is soft and designed particularly to spin as this will help you accomplish that job easily.

It is essential to determine what task you want to achieve and learn what type of golf ball can help you complete it in order to begin the game with the right momentum.

With that in mind, below are a few tips to remember when shopping for the right golf ball.

1. Understand distance and control.

Balls that offer better distance on the drives respond quickly when hit by a golf club. Distance balls are typically hard and help players reach an extra 10-20 yards. However, these golf balls can be difficult to control on the course or when the circumstances call for a delicate shot. Another kind of golf ball is geared towards providing golfers with utmost control over their shots by minimizing the range of the ball’s spin after being hit. This kind of ball helps players tackle slices and hooks and create a better trajectory.

2. Choose a ball with the right spin.

From afar, all balls may appear to be spinning similarly, but they really aren’t. Balls can have low spin, mid spin or high spin, and each kind serves a particular purpose. A low spinning ball decreases the side spin of your shots, and this allows the ball to travel straighter in the air. The golf ball may not reach a great distance but it will have a better roll on the green upon landing due to the reduction of spin.

Golf CLub

Mid spinning golf balls provide solid distance and feel. These are suitable for a wide range of golfers, which makes them a popular type to produce among major manufacturers. Lastly, high spinning balls are designed to improve the spin of the ball as it travels through the air. More specifically, these balls increase the degree of the ball’s backspin and establish a longer carry. They also enhance the feel on and around the green, which in turn will help you have better control.

3. Learn the different constructions of golf balls.

Balls can be one-piece, two-piece, three-piece or four-piece. Recent innovations even made way for five-piece balls which have truly revolutionized the world of golf. One-piece balls are commonly used by beginners, and occasionally on driving ranges. They have a softer feel when they’re hit but aren’t typically used as playing balls due to their lack of distance.

Golf Apparel

Two-piece balls are highly popular among most players. These balls have a firmer feel and offer better shot distance. However, they are harder to control compared to balls with a soft feel. Three-piece balls give advanced players more control over the ball placement. Among all common types of balls, three-piece balls offer the most control and feel. Last, the four-piece balls exhibit similar features as the three-piece balls, only they provide more enhanced control and feel. These balls, however, are uncommon among golfers.

4. Find the best source of high quality golf equipment.

If you’re shopping for golf balls or other golf equipment, always make sure to get them from a reliable source. This is to guarantee you’re getting the best value for your hardly earned money, as well as the best tools that will help you gain dominance on the course. RockBottomGolf is home to tons of high quality golf supplies that will certainly help you improve your talent. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a name in the sport, the equipment you need are all here in one place so you need not search elsewhere. With many popular and well respected brands under its umbrella, RockBottomGolf is your sure way to hitting the target.

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If you’re shopping for golf balls or other golf equipment, always make sure to get them from a reliable source. are providing the different types of golf equipment.

What Motivational-Speaker-Success.Com Can Do For Your Organization

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Should you hire a motivational speaker? Is it worth the investment in time and effort? If we go by the increasing popularity of, it would seem to be that way.

Business owners and company leaders who want to give their organizations the competitive edge are doing so by hiring motivational speakers. The move seems effective in helping the organization achieve certain objectives.

The long-term benefits seem clear. If you want to increase employee morale, improve productivity and strengthen teamwork, you can get in touch with

Does your team need assistance to set meaningful goals for the organization? Do you want to build effective relationships with your employees and clients? Does your team need to be inspired to become better versions of their present selves?

Keynote Speaker

There are those who think of motivational speakers as self-help mentors who can help individuals regain power and control over their personal lives. This is true. Motivational speakers can inspire you by opening your eyes and leading you towards the right direction.

Motivational speakers also do the same thing with organizations. They provide assistance so that the organization can grow stronger, more productive – and their people happier and more self-motivated. Hiring a motivational speaker is not only a shrewd and productive move. It is also a fun and beneficial way to revitalize your team.

What changes can you expect from hiring our services at

• Increased productivity

When your employees lose their enthusiasm for work, they are likely to become less productive. They report for work uninspired. They are content to simply go through the motions of their work, without drive, conviction, the compulsion to enhance their skills set, and the passion to strive for growth and development.

When this state of affairs becomes the status quo, the company is likely to suffer from it. Sales and profits will go down. Productivity slides. Standards for excellence are oftentimes not met.

Guest Speaker

There are several strategies to solve this problem. One of the more popular ones is to hire a motivational speaker. A skilled speaker is effective for getting individuals up from the doldrums. He can enliven his participants, making them see their work from a fresh perspective and with renewed passion. Employers generally notice an increase in productivity right after an engagement with a motivational speaker.

• Reinforcement of goals and objectives

A motivational speaker will work closely with you to set and strengthen efforts to accomplish the company’s goals and objectives. He can design a program that will help bolster your employees’ appreciation of the organization’s fundamental principles.

Organizations usually display a representation of the business objectives in the workplace. Do these representations trigger a spark on the employees? There is nothing like an effective motivational speaker to make your team focus on the objectives and make them want to accomplish them.

• Conflict resolution

It is natural for individuals in a team to disagree – and sometimes, to express disagreement strongly. To remain effective as a team, however, the members should know how to work around differences. They must know how to resolve conflicts that may hamper the team from accomplishing its tasks.

It is not always easy to resolve conflicts at work. Personality issues often get in the way. An objective motivational speaker can help guide your team towards effective conflict resolution. He can provide guidelines for effective communication. He can help your team to develop the skills necessary to accept personality differences, work around them, and handle issues constructively.

• Building a strong company

Hiring a motivational speaker may not immediately result to earth-shattering changes. However, an effective speaker will inspire your people to develop a renewed sense of purpose about their jobs. Your team members are likely to experience a boost in morale, and a renewed sense of self-confidence. They are likely to feel purposive, driven, and excited about their jobs and the company that they work for.

These changes in personal perspective will have a ripple effect. Organizations that hire motivational speakers generally report more effective teamwork, faster work flow and increased productivity and sales after getting such services.

Motivational SpeakersMotivational speakers do not offer magic bullets to address all your organizational concerns. However, they are effective catalysts for change. They jump start the organization’s efforts towards positive change and teach you how to build and sustain momentum. They will provide guidance and insights to help you move your organization towards growth and improvement. They will introduce the seeds for change and provide your people with the tools and skills necessary to nurture positive changes that last.

You can use the positive changes to lead your group towards working for success in several essential areas. The members of your team are likely to become more self-confident and impassioned about accomplishing their goals. They will be better able to identify and maximize business opportunities. They can use their renewed energy to gain a bigger market share and develop customer loyalty.

Allow us at to help you build a stronger, happier, and more productive work force. Look up our past work, professional background, and testimonials from our clients. will help the workforce to support their confidence and help them concentrate more on the objectives and targets of the organization.

The Best Tactics to a Long Island Foreclosure Defense

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As a homeowner faced with the prospect of foreclosure, the last thing on your mind would be to study. However, expert Long Island foreclosure defense lawyers advise against such mindset.

In their opinion, every homeowner should make it a point to educate themselves about the different techniques and strategies applicable to their case.

lawyerWith this knowledge a homeowner can easily make sense of the situation that in turn will help ease the anxiety brought about by the situation. Moreover, a homeowner will have a better understanding of the necessary defense tactics to be suggested by their foreclosure defense lawyer.

In some cases, certain techniques may be carried out to help homeowners evade foreclosure. But at the same time, it would require them to move out of their home for the time being.

A Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer may recommend that the house be put up for a short sale. In this manner, the house would be sold at a rate that is below the outstanding balance on the mortgage.

Another option is to set up a deed in lieu of foreclosure. This technique releases a homeowner from his or her obligation to continue paying the mortgage as the title of the home is turned over to the mortgage agent.

A third option for homeowners is to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This would require a homeowner to sell certain assets of theirs in order to gain funds that can be used to payback their creditors. Consequently, this would help release them from their debts.

If qualified, homeowners facing foreclosure may have the chance to stay in their homes even while the proceedings are ongoing. This technique is particularly applicable to homeowners whose financial situations have improved to a certain extent since the foreclosure proceedings started.

In this case, a Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer may negotiate for a mortgage forbearance on behalf of their client. This would entail the suspension of foreclosure proceedings to allow a homeowner to get up-to-date with their mortgage payments.

Another possibility is to set up a repayment plan. In this fashion, outstanding mortgage payments will be spread throughout the remainder of the loan. Unfortunately, this would entail an increase in monthly fees.

As a last resort, homeowners may file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if their Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer sees fit to do so. This procedure would enable a homeowner to pay their creditors after their debts are restructured.

Another Long Island foreclosure defense strategy homeowners may consider is a loan modification. This would require skillful negotiations with the mortgage lender who would agree to the adjustment of the original contract terms such as the interest rate, principal reduction, and repayment time. Given the more affordable payment scheme, a steadfast homeowner may be able to evade foreclosure.

An additional strategy that homeowners may want to look into would be to reinstate their mortgage. This involves borrowing cash for the purpose of paying outstanding fees. If possible, the option to borrow money from family or friends could also be a good way to catch up on mortgage payments.

Otherwise, selling the home may be another alternative solution. In this aspect, a homeowner would have several options. First, to sell the home in order to use the equity gained and buy something more affordable.

Second, sell the home to a financier under a lease-option contract. This will enable the homeowner to buy back the property once he or she has enough funds to do so.

Third, sell the home to a financier and then pay rent to be able to stay in the home for a certain period of time. This would be ideal for families with school age kids. In this manner, it would not be necessary to uproot the family until after the kids finish their education.